Gosnells council knocks back recycling yard planned for Maddington

THE City of Gosnells council has unanimously refused a development application for a recycling yard in Maddington.

A Noxious Recycling Plant application for a site on Austin Avenue was not approved due to concerns the area’s amenity would suffer.

Council rejected the application on the grounds the applicant failed to demonstrate they would not have an adverse impact on sensitive land uses in proximity to the subject site.

Additionally, the City had previously proposed the future zoning of the property to Light Industry, which would render the land use not permissible.

The City received 29 public submission from landowners and occupiers within a 200m radius of the recycling yard, 25 of which objected to the application.

The objections raised concerns regarding the impact of odours and fumes, potential contamination of groundwater and adjacent Bickley Brook and a lack of buffer between industrial activity and sensitive land uses.

Other objections related to noise, safety associated with potential spillages, unsightly storage and the proximity of containers with stored chemicals to business and residential properties.

The City also referred the application to the Department of Environment Regulation, the Water Corporation and the Department of Health.

While the Department of Environment Regulation and the Water Corporation said they would consider approving the application, the Department of Health refused to support the application on the grounds there were established residences located within 50m of the property boundary, within the 1000m industrial buffer for chemical or oil recycling facilities.

In May 2016, the City received a complaint about the site which suggested chemicals had leaked into the ground.

In response to compliance action the City initiated, the applicant applied for planning approval in August 2016.

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