Gosnells PS volunteer happy to help where she is needed

Judith Beck helping out Isobelle Cooper (Year 3).
Judith Beck helping out Isobelle Cooper (Year 3).

FOR the past six years, Judith Beck has gone above and beyond to help out wherever needed at Gosnells Primary School.

After initially being asked by her church if she could help drive a child to school whose mum did not drive, she decided to see how else she could help the local school.

Mrs Beck, who has a history of volunteering with boys and girls brigades, said she loved helping out at the school and seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces.

“I love the interaction with the kids and being able to bring a smile to their face, praising them for something can really make their day better and your day better,” she said.

The 74-year-old said volunteering at the school had helped fill a void following her retirement after 26 years in juvenile justice.

“When you retire, you lose your purpose. This gives me a purpose and I just love the kids, a lot of them don’t have grandmothers these days or don’t seem to,” she said.

Mrs Beck encouraged others to volunteer their time to help out teachers and schools where they could.

“When my kids were growing up, mothers didn’t work, so there were always plenty of people at school, but now there’s not,” she said.

“Kids have so many problems these days, it’s heartbreaking what some have to deal with.”

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