Grave concerns held for missing eagle

Onslow the wedge-tailed eagle has been missing from Armadale Reptile Centre since June 10.
Onslow the wedge-tailed eagle has been missing from Armadale Reptile Centre since June 10.

LOCAL residents have been urged to look out for a male wedge-tailed eagle, which is showing signs of weakness.

Armadale Reptile Centre has been missing Onslow the eagle since June 10.

Centre supervisor Kristy Gaikhorst said the eagle would only be able to survive for about two to three more days in the wild if he had not managed to catch any food.

�It’s really getting to the pointy end now,� she said.

�He has a permanent disability in his foot and he can’t grab prey.�

A large number of wedge-tailed eagle sightings have been reported to Armadale Reptile Centre, but Ms Gaikhorst said Onslow’s behaviour would give him away.

�Because he’s tame, he will take more risks than a wild eagle.

�He�ll stay close to the ground and get close to humans � he might also be hiding.�

The only promising sighting of a wedge-tailed eagle was about a week ago when the centre received a report of an eagle sitting on the roof of a house in Kelmscott.

Ms Gaikhorst said a wild eagle would not be brave enough to go that low and Onslow may still be around the Kelmscott, Southern River or Forrestdale Lake area.

�There are a lot of lone male eagles flying around at the moment while the female eagles sit on eggs.

�Onslow would most likely be flying quite low � not high.�

If you think you have spotted Onslow, do not approach him but call Armadale Reptile Centre on 9399 6927.

Wild eagles ripped a whole in the netting surrounding Onslow’s aviary in an attempt to drive him out of �their territory� during the breeding season, which resulted in him escaping.

He has lived in captivity at the centre for 16 years. He was brought to Armadale as an injured, young chick and Ms Gaikhorst said he did not have the skills to survive in the wild.