Greyhounds more than just race dogs

Justine Boreham and Dodge in action.
Justine Boreham and Dodge in action.

Dodge is the first registered greyhound in WA to compete at masters (top) level in the dog agility and jumping disciplines.

The three-year-old purebred greyhound started competing in March last year and has gone through the novice and excellent classes in just over 12 months to qualify for masters.

His biggest win was at this year’s 2014 WA State Agility Trials, where he was named the state champion winner for agility dog excellent 600.

Serpentine resident Justine Boreham bought Dodge as a five-month-old puppy, after losing one her beloved great danes.

Although he came from racing lines, the breeders decided early on that he wasn’t interested in his ‘inner greyhound’, Ms Boreham said.

‘After spending many years competing in agility and showing with other people’s dogs we made a decision to look for a greyhound,’ she said.

Unable to get a response from greyhound rescue groups at the time, she eventually came across Dodge in a litter of four pups through a friend.

‘We chose him for his sweet, obliging nature and he has done extremely well in such a short time,’ Ms Boreham said.

‘People do have the misconception that greyhounds can’t do anything except race, but we currently have three greyhounds in WA competing at different levels of agility, sledding and rally obedience.’

She said greyhound racing could be a ‘disposable industry’ and wants the breed to be recognised for its abilities beyond the race track.

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– Dog agility is a sport where the handler directs a dog through an obstacle course, judged on time and accuracy. Dogs race off the leash and the handler must control the dog by voice, movement and body signals.