Harrisdale among top offending sprinkler mis-use suburbs

HARRISDALE is one of Perth’s top offenders when it comes to using sprinklers on non-assigned days.

The Water Corporation said 144 Harrisdale residents were issued sprinkler infringement fines so far this year, making it the 10th worst offender in Perth.

Baldivis topped the offenders’ list with 298 infringements.

Water Corporation spokeswoman Clare Lugar encouraged people to check and make sure their sprinkler systems were set to the correct day.

“The two-day-per-week sprinkler roster was made permanent nearly a decade ago and has been widely accepted,” Ms Lugar said.

“Many people do not realise that over 40 per cent of water use in the home occurs outside in the garden, so this is where most of us can make big savings.”

Sprinklers can only be used once per watering day either before 9am or after 6pm.

Water Corporation recommends pop up/fixed sprinklers run for about 10 minutes at each station.

If a household is caught breaching the roster it will receive an immediate $100 fine if witnessed by an inspector and a warning if they receive a tip from neighbours or an inspector sees obvious signs sprinklers have been used.

To report sprinkler roster breaches call Water Corporation on 13 10 39.