Harrisdale: footpaths to be repaired after resident labels them ‘safety hazard’

CITY of Armadale has confirmed it will repair the footpaths around the lake in Arion Estate in Harrisdale, after a resident expressed concern that they posed a safety hazard.

Allan Wilkes said the problem had been ongoing for months.

“Elderly residents I have spoken to won’t walk around the lake in the cool of the evening for fear of tripping and breaking an arm or a leg,” he wrote in a letter to Comment News.

The City’s chief of operations Ray Tame said assessments of the footpath around the lake were carried out annually with the last annual assessment carried out from July to August 2016.

“At the time extensive works were undertaken to replace approximately 90m of the footpath, and several minor repairs were also completed,” he said.

Further works were scheduled to take begin from February 6.

Mr Tame said residents with concerns regarding public spaces should contact the City on 9394 5000 or at info@armadale.wa.gov.au.