Helping native birds to flourish

volunteers needed
volunteers needed

The Darling Range Wildlife Shelter volunteer and wildlife foster carer discovered four abandoned emu eggs on her farm one day.

The father emu, which looks after the eggs once the female lays them, had turned his back on his parental duties, leaving the eggs exposed.

Ms Manuel put the eggs in an incubator and Baby was the only one to survive.

After ongoing care and nurturing, Baby has grown into a strong, healthy, dominating emu with a cheeky nature.

For the past 10 years, Ms Manuel has fostered sick, injured or orphaned wildlife.

She has five emus on her property, including Baby, which have been rescued as well as magpies and wattle birds.

The birds would have either risked being shot, or subjected to unnecessary suffering, if they were not taken in.

Although Ms Manuel is one of the more dedicated volunteers, commonly known as the ‘bird lady’ at Darling Range Wildlife Shelter, she said anyone can help sick and injured animals.

‘Without volunteers many animals would be left to fend for themselves when they are sick and injured,’ she said.

‘If people find any sick or injured wildlife, they can call the shelter on 9394 0885 or 0400 802 409 or alternatively call Wildcare on 9474 9055.’

The Wildcare helpline is 24/7 and wildlife volunteers will provide advice on what to do if you come across an animal in need.

The Darling Range Wildlife Shelter is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the rescue, care, rehabilitation and release of native wildlife.

It is always in need of volunteers. |Interested people can phone Ms Manuel on 0400 802 409 for more information.