Huntingdale woman celebrates 102nd birthday at her weekly art class

Helen Gurney celebrated her 102nd birthday today at her weekly art class.
Helen Gurney celebrated her 102nd birthday today at her weekly art class.

SHE may have notched over 100 years on the planet, but Helen Gurney is showing no signs of slowing down.

The Huntingdale resident turned 102 today and spent it as she does every Tuesday, with a trip to her weekly art class.

Ms Gurney has attended Southern Districts Uniting Church’s art classes for almost 30 years and has no intention of breaking the trend anytime soon.

She said she had always been artistic and while she was focusing on watercolours at the moment, had dabbled in many different types of art throughout her life.

“Right from when I was a little girl at school, I liked painting and colouring,” she said.

“I’ve been painting on and off for almost 20 years but in between I’ve done other things, oil paintings, wood-burning, quilling and folk art.”

Ms Gurney said she was also working on another project, knitting teddy bears ahead of the church’s end-of-year shoe box appeal.

Her watercolours teacher Sandra Reynolds said it was a joy seeing Ms Garner at the class every week.

“She’s amazing, she paints beautifully and she’s so with it, we look at her and think ‘we can’t believe she’s over 100’,” she said.

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