In Karlee’s footsteps

Karlee Laudzevics, who died of cancer two years ago.
Karlee Laudzevics, who died of cancer two years ago.

Her first stop will be the south of France, where she will meet with friends and have a memorial for Karlee at the place she visited.

Ms Laudzevics will then travel to Paris and stay in the same hotel Karlee did.

�The wonderful people at the hotel did a background search and found the room she stayed in so I will see Paris through her eyes,� she said. �Then it is off to London to see Matilda at the Cambridge theatre � two years to the day. I am also seated in the same seat she sat.�

While, Ms Luaudzevics is in the UK, she will also visit the theme park Peppa Pig Land where her friend�s grandson Harvey ashes has been buried. Harvey died of cancer when he was only a few years old.

Karlee always had a love for travel and managed to travel to a few islands with her mum, including Bali and Vanuatu and was lucky to travel to Europe before her diagnosis.

Ms Laudzevics plans to keep travelling on behalf of Karlee and scatter her ashes in the corners of world that she wanted to see.