Infringements on the decline

In the past year, the City issued 342 warnings and 84 Bush Fire Act Infringements for failing to comply with a notice, amounting to $21,000 in total fines.

Mr Maxwell said infringements had decreased, mainly due to ongoing community contact and safety awareness campaigns by the City’s ranger services.

The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale said it issues firebreak notices to all residents each year, which explains the regulations.

The notice requires landowners to install firebreaks or reduce the fuel load around their property, and have preventions in place by November 30 until May 31.

The council undertakes firebreak inspections of all properties in the Shire.

Chief executive Richard Gorbunow said fire prevention was everyone’s responsibility and residents were encouraged do the right thing in the lead-up to bushfire season to keep the community safe.