Investigation into water spill

DER officers inspected the site on Friday, August 23 and are awaiting the results of a water sample analysis conducted by SITA.

The facility is owned and operated by Western Australian Landfill Services, a joint venture between SITA Australia and Hanson Australia.

It opened in 1999 and is licenced to accept Class II waste which includes most municipal, commercial and industrial solid waste.

A spokeswoman for landfill SITA confirmed recent heavy rains required the facility to deal with minor ponding of liquids on site.

Water testing was begun to see |if the pooling was leachate, and remedial works were performed as required in the facility’s licence conditions.

‘While there is no impact on groundwater, in the interests of transparency we invited DER to site to inspect our work, they attended the site last Friday and were satisfied that there was no leachate spill off site and were comfortable with our remediation works,’ she said

Leachate is the water that seeps through landfill contained onsite for processing.