Jazmyn Schou upcycles to make a fashion statement … and comes out a winner

Jazmyn Schou upcycles to make a fashion statement … and comes out a winner

YOUNG Re-Inventor of the Year Jazmyn Schou knows how to make a statement – fashion statement, that is.

More than 100 participants from across the Perth metropolitan area had to re-invent rubbish into something you can wear, or upcycle old clothes into something new.

Winning equal first in the community/individual category, Ms Schou’s entry focused on the ‘Wearable Waste’ theme and involved the upcycling of a pre-loved wedding gown.

Ms Schou’s entry involved her redesigning the wedding dress on paper, and then altering the existing design.

She added hand-painted flower art, spray painted other elements of the dress including the petticoat, and crafted a belt motif from upcycled hardware such as washers, hinges, and ceramic electrical spacers.

Ms Schou won a tailored sustainability prize pack valued at $500, comprised of a worm farm, sustainability books and sustainable fashion items.

Delivered by Switch Your Thinking, the competition enhances a strong environmental awareness program delivered in partnership across the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale, the City of Armadale and the City of Gosnells.

Ms Schou said she really enjoyed participating in the competition.

“I chipped away at collecting all the things I needed over a matter of months,” she said.

“I spent quite a number of hours putting it all together.”

Shire President Cr John Erren said we are living in a world were almost everything – from cutlery to mobile phones – is disposable.

“The total weight of waste to landfill for Serpentine-Jarrahdale in October 2016 was 620 tonnes, compared to 550 tonnes at the same time last year,” he said.

“This is a substantial increase of 13 per cent, not to mention the littering and illegal dumping we experience in Serpentine Jarrahdale alone.”