Jump into action

Although people will not learn how to jump off buildings, a parkour workshop on Sunday, March 6, will help participants conquer any obstacle in their way.

Participants will get the opportunity to learn how to balance, get through tough objects and improve their jumping and climbing skills.

Perth Parkour chairman Isaac McLellan said parkour was a good sport in terms of mental and physical training.

“There is so much you can do and you can challenge yourself to make yourself bigger and stronger,” he said.

“From a physical standpoint it is incredible high intensity.”

He said there was a misconception that parkour was just a dangerous sport.

The workshop would focus on the safer side of things.

“A lot of parents come to us because their kids are jumping off dangerous objects,” he said.

“You need years of hard training in order to do the high level stuff; it would be like an Olympic athlete training.”

The parkour workshop will be held as part of the Eco Adventures program during the Homegrown Festival from 10am to noon at the Centennial Pioneer Park Amphitheatre in Gosnells.

The cost is $10 per person.

Call 9397 3111 for details.