Keep police on the beat

Image: File photo.
Image: File photo.

An official statement and figures from the operation are expected to be released by Deputy Police Commissioner Chris Dawson this week, but residents have already drawn their own conclusions on the operation.

Kelmscott resident Jose Nickson, who lives on Camillo Road, said she noticed an instant improvement in the area with more police on the beat.

‘It’s been fantastic. Even the hoons have slowed down because of the increased police visibility,’ she said.

‘We definitely need the police presence to continue and a 24-hour police station in Armadale.’

Armadale Mayor Henry ZelonPoles said the community had appreciated the long-awaited additional resources, but he would like to see the heightened police presence continued.

‘It will go a long way in combating crime in Armadale. We hope that as a result of Carambola, as well as the recent community forums, our community will take a more pro-active stance in reporting and ultimately deterring criminal and anti-social behaviour,’ Mr Zelones said.

Gosnells Mayor Dave Griffiths said while the operation was mainly focused in Armadale, the City of Gosnells would welcome any additional resources WA Police have available.

Armadale Region Business Association spokesman Rod Ross said although businesses in the area had found the operation to be effective, he hoped the community would be resilient enough to carry on without it.

‘Business Armadale is committed to promoting the objective that the community as a whole should be striving to achieve an idealistic environment where the police presence does not need to be highly visible,’ Mr Ross said.

Police Minister Liza Harvey is standing by the WA Government’s promise to recruit 550 extra police over four years, including 50 this year, from which Armadale is set to benefit.

‘A local policing contingent of officers has been committed to Armadale Police Station and will be deployed shortly,’ she said.

Operation Carambola drew on additional resources from the metropolitan area to target well-known offenders, execute search warrants, combat drugs, burglaries and traffic offences in notorious crime spots throughout South East Metropolitan Police District.

It was the first large-scale operation of its kind in the area.