Kelmscott Driver and Vehicle Services centre to scale back operations because of drop in use

Kelmscott Driver and Vehicle Services. Picture: Matt Jelonek d480110
Kelmscott Driver and Vehicle Services. Picture: Matt Jelonek d480110

SERVICES offered at the Kelmscott Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) centre will be cut this year on the back of a 26 per cent reduction in renewals over the last five years.

According to the Department of Transport (DoT), driver licence and vehicle renewals at the Kelmscott centre have dropped by more than a quarter between 2012-13 and 2016-17, while the numbers for Practical Driving Assessments (PDA) have steadily increased during the same period.

As a result of the drop the DoT has decided to cut “simple transactions” such as over-the-counter renewals, to allow the centre to focus more on PDAs, complex licence transactions and inspections for high risk vehicles, heavily modified vehicles and those needing a specialised examination.

The changes are expected to come into effect later this year.

Department of Transport driver and vehicle services acting general manager Steve Mitchinson said reviews such as this were necessary to ensure the changing needs of customers and staff were met.

“As part of this review, DoT has conducted analysis into current and future customer demands for licensing services at the Kelmscott DVS centre,” he said.

“This analysis has shown demand for simple over-the-counter transactions – such as vehicle and driver renewals – has been consistently declining at the Kelmscott DVS centre.

“This decline can be attributed to changes in customers’ behaviours such as the use of DoTDirect, which is now used by over 250,000 Western Australians to manage their vehicle and driver’s licence.”

Residents still wanting to conduct renewals in person will have to travel to the Cannington or yet-to-be-opened Cockburn centres to do so.

“Customers who would like to perform services not provided by the Kelmscott DVS centre can undertake transactions via DoT Direct or by visiting Australia Post, Cannington DVS centre or the new DoT Cockburn office – which will be opening in late 2018,” Mr Mitchinson said.

“This change in services provided will improve the customer experience by reducing wait times for PDAs and more complex DVS transactions that must be conducted in centre.”

Some staff will also be relocated to neighbouring centres due to the cuts.

Customers attending the Kelmscott DVS

2012/13: 140,796
2013/14: 114,479
2014/15: 112,008
2015/16: 110,573
2016/17: 103,730

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