Kelmscott SHS students access health and wellbeing information at expo

Lintilla Dall (Yr11), Mary Ansah (Yr10),
Lintilla Dall (Yr11), Mary Ansah (Yr10), "Froggy", Kerin Williams (School Chaplain), Brooke Jefferies (PMH Gard), Yannick Benoit, Debbie Kilicoglu & Kaleb Parr (Yr10).

KELMSCOTT Senior High School students had access to important health and wellbeing information when the Act Belong Commit Health Expo set up in their school gym on Friday.

More than 20 services including Minnawarra House, Youth Pride Network, Helping Minds, WA Aids Council and Save the Children were on hand to help education students on a range of important issues including sexual and mental health, drugs and alcohol, family domestic violence and first aid.

Kelmscott SHS nurse Yannick Benoit said the expo was catered specifically to the needs of students, with information given in the form of games or activities to help engage them.

“I believe the school is one of the most effective ways to promote health to reach the wider community,” he said.

“Students are able to collect information through flyers and pamphlets and take them home to share with families and friends, which is the main goal of this expo.

“The students generally have a lot of fun on the day and enjoy learning about what services actually exist and what they do.

“I hope the students are able to feel confident of which services they can access during their school years, and most importantly, help them to grow as independent adolescents when they leave school.”