Labor pledge to remove dangerous level crossings: Metronet

OPPOSITION Leader Mark McGowan has made another Metronet election promise, this time saying Labor would remove dangerous level crossings.

Mr McGowan said there were multiple level crossings in Maddington, with the one on Kelvin Road being the scene of an incident in 2013 when a train collided with a bus.

“Dangerous level crossings are significantly adding to congestion on our roads,” he said.

The level crossings in Maddington include ones on Kelvin Road, Austin Avenue and Albany Highway.

Building a bridge or sinking the rail line were some of the possibilities, according to Mr McGowan.

Transport Minister Dean Nalder rejected the proposal, saying that although he recognised safety was important, the cost was prohibitive, estimating it would cost between $50 million and $70 million to replace each level crossing.

“There is significant uncertainty and lack of detail about the cost of the Opposition’s policy to extend the rail lines, especially with its various versions which added to the safety risk by incorporating more level crossings, not less,” Mr Nalder said.

“The Public Transport Authority has a policy that it will not increase the net number of level crossings, so if one opens, another closes.”

The Opposition plans to survey residents in Maddington.