Leachate spill found in Cardup

Leachate is the water that seeps through landfill contained onsite for processing.

Department of Environmental Regulation inspectors attended the site on August 23 and landfill operator West Australian Landfill Services organised the water tests, results of which were recently made available.

A spokeswoman for the department said the site inspection and the water sampling results confirmed the liquid that leaked from the landfill cell was contained within the leachate collection system and did not leave the site.

‘The company has now taken action to prevent any further similar incidents,’ she said.

‘DER is currently satisfied with the action taken.’

South Cardup Landfill must modify its drainage system to limit any potential for pooled water.

The operator has excavated and reshaped the area of seepage to provide a preferential pathway for the run-off back into the collection system.

‘The company has also transferred any run-off water into specially designed sumps,’ she said.