Leaders of tomorrow take part in Youth Parliament sitting

Siobhoin Ialacci and Jacob Sewell. Picture: Andrew Ritchie
Siobhoin Ialacci and Jacob Sewell. Picture: Andrew Ritchie

EDUCATION, mental health and transport were just some of the big issues young West Australians have been discussing as part of the Youth Parliament.

Gosnells and Southern River were represented by Jacob Sewell and Siobhoin Ialacci respectively.

Both students have been involved in the Western Australian YMCA Youth Parliament this week with young other West Australians, taking the roles of parliamentarians to develop and debate legislation in Parliament House.

Siobhoin, who is from the Southern River area, said mental health was a big issue.

“With all the pressure on in school, instances of anxiety are increasing even though more people are aware; I still think more can be done,” she said.

“Personally, across the board, most members of Parliament have no representation of youth and youth culture.

“They haven’t gone and asked the youth what’s important.”

Jacob, who is from Brunswick near Bunbury, said he thought he was well represented by his local member and believed politicians had to make connections with youth.

“I think education is a big issue particularly being a Year 11 student, seeing how it works and doesn’t work,” he said.

“I am going through WACE and I believe the way stuff is taught can be changed to be taught in a more willing way instead of being forced.”

He said the youth crime rate was another issue, especially in regional communalities.

Both students spoke to the various members of Parliament, in particular member for Gosnells Chris Tallentire and Southern River’s Peter Abetz.

Transport was also main talking point, with other big-ticket issues in the electorate including the Thornlie railway line extension to the Mandurah line and traffic congestion on Ranford Road, especially around the Roe Highway area.