Learn more about how you can help the fight to control fruit fly

Murdoch University student Rachel Davison and Isabel Arevalo-Vigne, a University of WA PhD candidate, will run the session.

Hills residents will benefit from the pair’s work on a project to help backyard fruit growers get involved in slowing medfly infestation in the local government areas of Swan, Mundaring, Kalamunda, Serpentine-Jarrahdale, Gosnells and Armadale.

With the only pesticide known to kill medfly larvae being banned in October, residents and commercial growers, who live side by side in Perth, must carry out co-ordinated control measures if the $62 million local industry supplying WA supermarkets is to survive.

‘Involving more people in controlling fruit fly on their properties will help fruit growers enjoy more of their own produce,’ Ms Arevalo-Vigne said.

‘More importantly, working together will assist commercial fruit growers, particularly in the Perth Hills area, to reduce fruit fly problems on their properties while reducing their dependence on synthetic chemicals.’

Fruit tree owners can attend the garden on Robin Road, Roleystone at 3pm on Sunday to learn simple tips to do their bit. Call or text 0419 929 367 to reserve a place.

Ms Arevalo-Vigne will present a community engagement plan to the UWA and the Plant Biosecurity Co-operative Research Centre, which is developing a National Fruit Fly Strategy.

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