Leavers urged to learn trade

Apprenticeship Support Australia WA general manager Nathan Bentley said trainees could earn similar salaries to university graduates without being loaded with a HECS debt.

“Vocational training pathways can lead to interesting and well-paid careers and the best part is, there is no HECS debt to pay off when you’re finished and you earn while you learn,” he said.

“The employment prospects for apprentices and trainees are also very strong, with 85.5 per cent employed six months after graduation.

“There are more than 700 apprenticeships and traineeships available across a range of industries in almost any field – from business services, bakers, childcare and hospitality to the more traditional construction trades such as plumbing, carpentry, telecommunications and electrical work.”

Mr Bentley said there was a world of opportunity outside university and students should consider where the jobs are and what employers are looking for when they select a career pathway.

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