L’ve acted in good faith: MP

Mr Randall came under the media spotlight over a $5000 flight to Cairns with a family member, where he purchased $2500 worth of books. A week later he revealed that he had purchased an investment property in Cairns.

Mr Randall’s office initially issued a statement saying the books were under entitlement and were bought as gifts for community groups and schools in his electorate.

‘The claims relating to travel were appropriately acquitted with the Department of Finance,’ it read.

But later the same day Mr Randall issued another statement saying he was reimbursing the costs.

‘I today contacted the Department of Finance seeking urgent advice in relation to my Cairns travel expenses due to the ongoing media scrutiny and public interest about this matter,’ the statement read.

‘The department informed me that it cannot provide definitive advice. Therefore, I will immediately issue a payment to the department to reimburse the entire costs incurred for that visit to ensure the right thing is done by the taxpayer and alleviate any ambiguity.

‘I’ve always acted in good faith when submitting claims and after an extensive review of all my expenses, I’m satisfied that those claims meet the guidelines.’