Maddington aged care residents create artwork with Thornlie Early Learning Centre kids

Merriwyn Campbell, Betty Veza and Adrianna Grippeling.
Merriwyn Campbell, Betty Veza and Adrianna Grippeling.

RESIDENTS from MercyCare’s Residential Aged Care in Maddington joined forces with children at a Thornlie Early Learning Centre to create a pair of artworks.

Betty Veza, Adrianna Grippeling and Merriwyn Campbell travelled to the early learning centre last month to teach the children some art skills.

The elderly residents worked with the kids to create two handprint paintings which symbolised the two generations coming together and each canvas will hang in the respective centres.

Occupational therapy assistant Jean De Ocampo said the art clinic had a positive effect on the residents.

“It changed their mood, seeing the kids, they were happy,” she said.

“Some of them get agitated, but when they saw the kids, you could see the sparkle in their eyes.”

Ms De Ocampo said they were eager to run another art clinic with different residents.

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