Maddington pharmacy joins fight against flu

Hasluck MHR  Ken Wyatt with pharmacist Ee Leen Lim.
Hasluck MHR Ken Wyatt with pharmacist Ee Leen Lim.

HASLUCK MHR Ken Wyatt has urged people to consider getting a flu shot at their local pharmacist.

Mr Wyatt appeared at Maddington Chemmart Chemist last week to receive his vaccination ahead of flu season.

He said using pharmacies that was an easy and effective way to battle flu.

“This demonstrates how much easier it is for anyone to get their flu shot, with trained pharmacists able to directly administer the flu vaccine,” he said.

“Anyone can just come to a pharmacy that provides this service and organise their protection against this year’s flu strain.”

Mr Wyatt said pharmacists had undergone specialised training.

“This ensures we have the knowledge and skills to both deliver the vaccine safely and effectively, as well as being able to identify and treat any possible side effects,” he said.

Maddington Chemist proprietor Paul Jardine said he was encouraged to see the steady increase in people getting vaccinated at pharmacies.

“In the short time that community pharmacists have been allowed to administer the vaccine, there has been a high percentage of people being vaccinated for the first time,” he said.

The Department of Health received 7852 notifications of flu cases in 2016, up from 6003 in 2015.

There was a spike during July to September, with 5559 cases, up from 3663 the previous year.