Maddington: woman knocked down by mobility scooter in mall wants ban

A WOMAN who was knocked down by an electric mobility scooter at the Maddington Plaza Shopping Centre says they should be banned from shopping malls.

The 77-year-old Kelmscott resident had just gotten off the bus and was about to visit Kmart when something rammed into the back of her legs, causing her to fall hard onto the concrete floor.

Angela, who did not want her surname published, was taken to Armadale Hospital by ambulance and was there for eight hours.

“I was in so much pain, I looked up and I thought ‘what the hell is happening?’,” Angela said.

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“I kept saying no ambulance, I don’t want an ambulance, but someone called one anyway.”

“I had a big, swollen lump and was in so much pain, they had to give me an injection for overnight.

“I have a big bruise still there and my foot was black for a while.

“It’s still grey and it’s been nearly three weeks.”

Angela said she worried about someone getting seriously hurt.

“What if I’d been a child?” she asked.

“That vehicle had a big dome on the front right at head height. People need to realise that motorised vehicles are a privilege.”

A spokeswoman for Maddington Central told Comment News that the shopping centre was aware of the accident.

In accordance with Main Roads WA guidelines, only motorised wheelchairs not capable of doing more than 10km/h are allowed in the centre.