McGowan supports Armadale metro hub

The WA Labor Party meets in Armadale.  Pic by Will Russell.d439699
The WA Labor Party meets in Armadale. Pic by Will Russell.d439699

The WA Labor Party held its shadow cabinet meeting at the City of Armadale last Monday. During the visit, Mr McGowan said he wanted the area to become a vibrant community hub with innovative housing options, workplaces and entertainment venues.

�An Armadale metro hub would be a major driver of new jobs where people will live, work and play,� he said.

�Armadale has so much potential and that has been highlighted by the City of Armadale�s work to develop its strategic regional centre.�

Armadale Mayor Henry Zelones said the advancement of a metro hub in the regional centre had been at the forefront of the City�s planning.

He said transport and connectivity links, including the rail-line and Armadale Road, were also high priorities.

�Mr McGowan�s comments about creating jobs are welcomed. We particularly need the State to support decentralisation of jobs from the Perth CBD to other metropolitan centres,� he said.

Mr Zelones said the need to upgrade the Armadale Courthouse and police station were also raised.

�As a local government it is important that we keep up a dialogue with both sides of politics in the lead-up to the next State election. Armadale needs the support of future State governments if it is to continue to prosper and grow,� he said.

Armadale MLA Tony Buti said a metro hub would be an integral part of creating consistency and certainty for the City of Armadale.

�Armadale continues to grow, but we need to make sure we create more than just a suburb where people live,� he said.

�The City of Armadale has made it clear it requires more investment from the State Government to develop its strategic regional centre.�