Modelling points to little impact – Boral

supplyed pic
supplyed pic

He said putting the plant at the quarry meant truck deliveries from the quarry to the plant would be contained on site, significantly reducing truck movements in the community.

He said the only additional off-site truck movements would be bitumen, fuel and filler deliveries, which would average about three a day over the project’s duration.

‘At peak demand levels we should see no more than seven additional truck movements,’ he said.

Mr Manners said an independent environmental consultant had modelled expected production levels, meteorological data and potential impacts on the site and on neighbours.

He said the consultant predicted that even under the worst possible conditions, the sound of the plant operating would not be noticeable above ambient noise levels.

‘We take very seriously the health of our neighbours, our employees and the environment,’ he said. ‘We recognise that this is a sensitive issue for our neighbours and we will continue to work with them.’