MP starts work on ice problem in Canning

Andrew Hastie.
Andrew Hastie.

NEW Canning MP Andrew Hastie says a lot is being done nationally to curb the ice (methamphetamine) scourge, but locally-tailored solutions are needed.

Mr Hastie met with the Canning Ice Action Group on October 29 to discuss potential solutions to ice problems in the community.

During his election campaign he said the first thing he would do, if successful, would be to establish the action g roup within the first 30 days of being elected.

“The objective is to complement and adapt the work already being done and where necessary fight for resources to help prevent people becoming addicted to ice,” he said.

“Help people who are users get off the drug and get their life back on track and punish the manufacturers and dealers who peddle the drug.

“The taskforce (action group) members are experts in their field and are passionate about doing whatever is possible to help the community tackle ice.”

Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan recently joined the group to brief them on the Government’s National Ice Taskforce and listen to views and suggestions.

The Canning Ice Action Group includes representatives from the local police, Peel Health Campus, Hope Community Services and Palmerston Association, Challis Primary School and Neighbourhood Watch.

Mr Hastie said Canning had a very high usage rate of ice and he was passionate about finding a solution for the local and state-wide problem.

“We must look at this issue from every angle – prevention, cure and punishment.”

The next step for the Canning Ice Action Group will be to hold a broad community forum.