Mysterious sign begs question

The mysterious sign on a vacant lot in Armadale.
The mysterious sign on a vacant lot in Armadale.

A sign, posted by persons unknown, at the corner of Forrest Road and Green Avenue piqued the Comment News’ interest, but readers responding to a picture posted online said it had been there for years.

Some believed apartments supposed to be built there had been delayed, or perhaps cancelled.

The City of Armadale advised the lot was on Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) land.

An MRA spokeswoman said the MRA had planning authority over the land, but that it was privately owned.

The MRA website says the lot is in the City West precinct of the Armadale redevelopment project.

‘City West is a 9ha parcel of underutilised land close to the rail line and city centre ,and the existing and proposed uses in the rail corridor,’ it says. ‘Bounded by Green Avenue, Forrest Road and Fifth Road, the area is earmarked for redevelopment as an inner-city residential precinct, with service and commercial activities at ground level.’

‘A revised structure plan has been released to guide private development proposals for a number of new sites being created.’

The mystery of the sign, whether it expresses frustration, a political belief or a quest for life’s meaning, remains unsolved.