New home for tennis club

The City of Canning agreed to give the Bentley club $860,000 to help them relocate, and build six new artificial lawn courts and two hard courts next to the South Perth club to accommodate the arriving members.

Canning Commissioner Linton Reynolds said the Bentley Regeneration Project would not be part of the amalgamated City of Canning and Gosnells under local government reform.

But he said they would still contribute to moving the Canning club despite losing both the club and the Bentley Regeneration Project.

‘We like to see ourselves as people of our word,’ he said.

‘Why should the community suffer because of the State Government’s decision?’

Mr Reynolds said the City would not lose money over the relocation of the club as the sale of the site would pay for the move.

He said it would be better for members of both clubs to have one big facility instead of two smaller ones. The club is expected to move to its new location by July.