New model on the front line

Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan said Frontline 2020, which divided roles into response, local policing and investigation teams co-ordinated through a 24/7 district control centre, was a success.

‘In just six months we’ve seen South East Metro move from sixth to second-best performing district in the metropolitan region in relation to verified crime reporting, compared to the previous year,’ he said.

The South East gained an extra 50 officers for the trial.

The rollout across Perth will mean its seven districts will become four of roughly equal size and demand level.

By the end of 2014, the South East will gain the Mundijong sub-district, and will no longer include the suburb of Burswood.

As part of the Government’s election commitment to provide 550 more officers, 146 new officers will start in Perth in December.

Opposition police spokeswoman Michelle Roberts said budget estimates hearings had revealed these new officers were still owed from a 2008 promise.

‘Every metro police district is currently understaffed,’ she said.