Op shops ‘part of Australian fabric’

Maddington Anglicare manager Anna Presser. d406762
Maddington Anglicare manager Anna Presser. d406762

National Op Shop Week, which ran from Sunday August 25, to Sunday September 1, aimed to encourage people to donate items to their charity op shops and take some time to find their own bargain in store.

Kerryn Caulfield, chief executive of the National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisations (NACRO), said funds raised helped community service organisations such as Anglicare did more good work. She said op shops were integral to the fabric of Australian society.

‘Whether it is the volunteers that staff them, the diversity and inexpensive clothes they provide, or the opportunity to participate by donating, Australians love our op shops,’ Ms Caulfield said.

National Op Shop Week founder Jon Dee said giving clothes a second life also helped the environment by keeping them out of landfill.