Parent reports parking pain

Sarah Hunter and her daughter Lilly (2). Picture: Marcelo Palacios d420047
Sarah Hunter and her daughter Lilly (2). Picture: Marcelo Palacios d420047

The rangers recently started patrolling the school parking area after they received complaints from residents that parents were parking on their verges and blocking their driveways.

They have also been assisting with traffic flow and students safety during peak drop- off and pick-up times.

But Mrs Hunter, who was threatened with a parking fine when she resorted to parking in the school’s drop and go zone on Lowanna Way, said rangers were punishing parents who are trying to get their children to school safely.

‘There are 800 students and 30 parking bays,’ she said.

‘I have a five-year-old with autism and asthma, I can’t just drop him off in the drop and go zone, I have to walk him to his classroom.’

Despite explaining her situation to the rangers, Mrs Hunter was told she should walk her son to school.

She said there are ‘no parking’ signs all around the school and no parking spaces down nearby streets, and the council had also put bollards around a large grass patch at the front of the school, taking further parking space.

‘This a low income area, parents can’t really afford fines.’ she said.

‘I don’t have a problem with the school, they are fantastic, but it does really emphasise that something needs to be done about the lack of parking.’

City of Armadale mayor Henry Zelones said the council had received numerous complaints regarding the parking and behaviour of road users during peak school times.

‘The City of Armadale Ranger services attend all local schools throughout the district on a regular basis to ensure the safety of children is maintained,’ he said.

‘Predominantly rangers have given verbal warnings to parents to encourage education about safe parking practices during school drop-off and pick-up.’

Mr Zelones said the City was working with the school and the Education Department to resolve the parking issues.

Principal Lee Musumeci said lack of parking was a frustration at the school, as it was with many other growing schools, but the rangers were helping to control the situation and improve safety.

She said parking in the drop and go zone was not its intended purpose.

‘The drop and go zone is designed for parents of older children to pick up or drop off their children,’ she said.