Petition push against merge

Wilson resident Bill Prince organised the Canning – One City campaign and said he was aiming for 10,000 signatures but hoped for 50,000.

‘With or without Dadour, the government must take notice,’ he said.

‘There is no justifiable economic advantage of any amalgamation to any ratepayer of the City of Canning.’

Mr Prince said the City of Canning’s submission to the Local Government Advisory Board did not represent the wishes of the residents and the ratepayers.

He said the submission was not presented to the ratepayers until three days before it was due.

Mr Prince said he sent the petition and information to the organisations and clubs in the City of Canning.

He hoped these groups would discuss it at committee level, make the documents available to members and encourage people to get involved.

‘The only cost to your organisation should be a few envelopes and printed pages and on top of that, for your members, a walk up and down a street or two near where they live,’ he said.

‘The Member for Cannington Bill Johnston is allowing the use of his reply paid account and has agreed to cover the postage out of his own pocket.’

– WA Labor last week introduced a motion to Parliament to retain the Dadour provisions, which give local residents the right to veto merger proposals by a State Government.

WA Labor leader Mark McGowan said when the motion went to a vote no Liberal members supported it.