Piara Waters: potentially life-threatening apparatus at Robot Park fixed after parent helps child in trouble

Robot Park.
Robot Park.

A POTENTIALLY life-threatening apparatus at Piara Waters’ Robot Park has been fixed after a resident witnessed an incident and raised concerns on a local chat page.

Greta Shaw posted on the Harrisdale and Piara Waters Chat Facebook page on Sunday that she had taken her children to the popular park when she said she noticed a child hanging from the side of a climbing ramp.

“I was standing behind and all I could see was his little legs kicking in the air,” she wrote on the post.

“I ran to him and the rope was tightly choking this little boy as he must (have) slipped.

“He was bright red and very distressed not able to free himself.

“So dangerous, definitely shook me up a bit.”

A spokesperson from Stockland, the developer of the park, said the issue was addressed as soon as they became aware of it.

“The safety of our community is our first priority and upon hearing about this matter we immediately closed the equipment for testing and repair work, which has now been complete,” she said.

“We are working with our contractors to further assess what happened in this instance and review our regular safety and maintenance protocols.

“We take all customer feedback extremely seriously and encourage people to immediately report any concerns with our parks or communities by contacting us on CustomerRelationsWA@stockland.com.au.”

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