Piara Waters PS student already a budding environmental warrior

Brodie Cole with the armful of rubbish he collected on his walk home from school
Brodie Cole with the armful of rubbish he collected on his walk home from school

BRODIE Cole might be just seven years old, but he is already a budding environmental warrior.

Brodie was on his walk home from Piara Waters Primary School on Monday when he saw a piece of rubbish and decided to pick it up.

Within just 20m the young boy’s arms were overflowing with rubbish, from drink bottles to a gum container, mint packet and even a beer can.

He carried the rubbish all the way home so he could throw it in the bin.

Brodie said he felt upset that people had just dropped their rubbish and didn’t care that it made the area look bad.

“I wanted to pick up the rubbish to look after the environment, so the native animas don’t eat it or get hurt by any of it,” he said.

“I felt very upset because there was so much rubbish lying around and I wanted to pick it all up but I couldn’t because there was too much for me to carry.

“We should be proud of where we live and look after our environment; if anyone sees rubbish can you please pick it up and put it in a bin.”

His mother Rebecca said he was so upset he couldn’t pick up all the rubbish he took a bag to school the next day so he could grab what he missed.

“Brodie is very passionate about the environment and wildlife so when he saw the first bottle on the ground, picked it up and said he was taking it home to put it in the bin I wasn’t surprised,” she said.

“I am extremely proud of Brodie for doing what he did as its very easy for people to just walk past and ignore what’s there but to see him stop and pick it up without worrying about what anyone else might think was great.”

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