Piles of rubbish irk residents

Portrait of bride and groom by church
Portrait of bride and groom by church

Dennis Gowland, of Armadale, said three people, including a family member, suffered a flat tyre from the spread of rubbish and nails in his street.

He urged people to use common sense during kerbside collections and felt the council should look at doing collections another way or come down harder on people doing the wrong thing.

Herbert Strating, of Armadale, wrote to Comment News complaining Armadale roadside rubbish had been on show long enough.

‘Every year during February and March, Armadale resembles one large rubbish tip with people putting out all sorts of rubbish to be collected by council,’ he said.

‘It’s a disaster for people in gophers or riding bicycles with all the broken glass that comes with it.’

City of Armadale chief executive officer Ray Tame said general junk collections were held annually, and green waste was collected in spring and autumn.

‘Kerbside collections have worked well for over a decade in the City of Armadale,’ he said.

‘Residents are also provided with four tip passes annually, which they can use to dispose of junk and greenwaste, and two electronic tip passes annually which they can use to dispose of their electronic goods. This is a level of service envied by other local government communities.’

He urged people to sort their junk according to the collection brochure delivered directly before each collection.

‘This not only makes it easier for us to complete collections but also keeps the City as tidy as possible,’ he said. ‘Unfortunately, some individuals do not heed restrictions, placing themselves at risk of prosecution.’