Police alerted to Roleystone property full of explosives by burglars allegedly stealing ammunition

The man who owned the property was once employed by police

THE Australian Army and the bomb squad were called to a Roleystone property last week after a large quantity of ammunition and explosives were found.

Police attended the property in the early hours of Friday, January 18 after suspected burglars were disturbed and dropped two duffel bags containing ammunition on the driveway.

A search by police of the property uncovered a significant quantity of ammunition, firearms, detonators and mining explosives in a large shed.

The WA Police Force Bomb Response Unit and explosive experts from the Australian Army attended the scene and assisted with the safe removal of all high risk items.

Inquiries revealed there was a second property, east of Beverley, where large quantities of ammunition, firearms, marine flares and explosives were located.

Some items were deemed unsafe for transport and were subject to a controlled explosion on site.

Both properties are linked to a 68-year-old man who is a Dangerous Goods Security Card holder, who was licensed to have unsupervised access to explosives and high risk substances.

Over time, the man was engaged by a number of different entities, including the WA Police Force from 2011 to 2015 where he had an arrangement to safely dispose of ammunition.

Police are investigating the possession of the dangerous goods, the condition and quantity of the seized items, and the adequacy of the storage and security.

Investigations are also being made of a number of firearms seized at the Roleystone property.

Management of the incident has been complex and involved engagement with other agencies including the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety, and the Australian Defence Force.

A separate investigation into the burglary offence is continuing.