Police warning – don’t leave valuables in car

Police warning – don’t leave valuables in car

ARMADALE Police are warning that any valuables left in cars will be the target of thieves.

Sergeant Pat Utley said the theft of credit cards, iPads, navigation devices and other items from cars was being reported to police on a daily basis.

“Your car, unless parked in a secure environment, is a soft target for criminals nowadays,” he said.

“WA Police have been trying to communicate a consistent message on this community problem. Your valuables are not safe in your car.”

Sgt Utley said criminals would continue to target vehicles unless circumstances changed.

“While a broken window with nothing taken is very inconvenient and costly, it is not as frustrating as the theft of credit cards and their subsequent fraudulent use, and the multiple calls to your bank cancelling cards and ordering new ones,” he said.

Armadale Police will run an operation to reduce theft from vehicle, particularly in Seville Grove.

You can help by reporting suspicious behaviour and using suggested strategies when parking your vehicle.