Property linked to dog poisoning

The May 6 edition of Comment News reported that a staffy cross and a golden retriever died and a kelpie cross became ill, but survived, from suspected 1080 poisoning after they visited Rushton Park last month. Two more dogs have since died from what again appears to be suspected poisoning.

On May 13, the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) sent out a media release urging dog owners in Armadale to be vigilant.

AVA WA division president Rick Read said the new cases occurred on private property, which meant they are most likely due to malicious baiting.

In one case, the owners found a chopped up sausage containing white powder in the back yard of a property, he said.

The City of Armadale has highlighted a Mt Nasura property as the common link to all of the suspected poisoning cases.

Chief executive Ray Tame said all dogs resided at, or visited, the property.

Investigations by rangers had failed to find evidence of dogs being poisoned at Rushton Park, or any other City park.

‘Last week, local vets sent off samples for toxicology tests and are waiting on the results to determine if poison was involved and, if so, what type, so the property owner can act on the results to remove any poisonous substance,’ Mr Tame said.

‘The RSPCA are continuing to look into the matter in consultation with local vets and the property owner.’

The City has advised residents to be vigilant when dog walking around Rushton Park because of the speculations about baiting.

Dog owners are urged to report suspicious behaviour or substance to Ranger Services on 9399 0111 or 1300 886 885.

RSPCA spokesman Tim Mayne said if the poisoning is deliberate, the person or persons responsible can face a maximum penalty of $50,000 in fines and up to five years’ imprisonment under the Animal Welfare Act 2002.