PTA say no to more station bays

It has been two years since parking at Armadale railway station was increased to 241 free bays and 12 disabled bays, .

Since the upgrade, parking became available on both sides of the station with the Green Avenue parking bays part of the expansion.

A PTA spokeswoman said PTA staff reported that bays on the western side of the station were often empty ” suggesting more bays were not required.

‘At this stage there are no plans to build any extra parking bays,’ she said.

However, Armadale Mayor Henry Zelones said he understood more parking was planned further south along Green Avenue as demand increased but the timing was unknown.

‘We do have many commuters come from surrounding suburbs who park their cars and catch public transport from Armadale,’ Cr Zelones said.

‘After a period of settling down following the upgrading of the station, parking has not been a significant issue for the city.’

Demand is set to increase as developments in nearby Sienna Wood and other estates throughout the city continue.