Real knowledge comes from mum

Revlyn Farrar 23 of Gosnells
Revlyn Farrar 23 of Gosnells

But an unyielding bond with his mother is at the core of Mr Farrar’s ability to triumph over hardship.

The Gosnells resident was recently named Polytechnic West’s higher education class student of the year for 2013.

Mr Farrar (23) completed an associate degree of network technology with a grade point average of 96 and he is now studying information technology security at Murdoch University.

Mr Farrar credited the success to his mother Monica, who raised him as a single parent.

‘When I was only one, my father passed away,’ he said.

‘My mum has been a pillar of support, raising me as a single mum even though she is disabled.

‘She lost her left leg due to a truck accident when she was younger.

‘My mum taught me everything I know. She taught me to do the right thing and work hard and gain skills for my career.’

Mr Farrar said application and faith helped him triumph academically.

‘I just do the work and make sure I apply myself with studying and listening in class,’ he said.