Review of mayoral elections in Gosnells

THE City of Gosnells will consider a return to direct election of the mayor by local residents.

Council passed a motion during its November 24 meeting for the City to prepare a discussion paper detailing the advantages and disadvantages of electing the mayor by the voters or councillors.

Currently, the mayor is elected by a majority of councillors.

The alternative is for residents to elect the mayor in the same way they elect a councillor at local government elections.

Councillor Bill Wiffen originally proposed the motion in writing to chief executive Ian Cowie.

Mr Wiffen said he wanted to ensure best practice was followed after reading letters to the editor in the Comment News and other newspapers debating the pros and cons of both methods.

Councillor Ron Mitchell said many ratepayers were divided over the issue but raised concerns following the 2012 sacking of City of Canning Mayor Joe Della Donne, who was elected by residents.

Many councillors expressed interest in reading the report.

Mr Cowie said in council he would present a succinct and straight-to-the-point report that would give the facts.

“Both methods are perfectly legal and present an argument,” he said.

Councillors Glenn Dewhurst, Terresa Lynes, Ron Mitchell and Liz Storer voted against the motion.