Rezone map mistake ‘corrected’

The map, included in a feasibility study for the rezoning two years ago, was pulled from the shire’s website on October 3 and ‘corrected’ to show presumed opposition by residents.

But the shire is yet to actually consult the six affected land owners about whether they actually do or do not oppose the rezoning.

Pure Steel Lane resident Darren Walters first notified the shire of the mistake. Last week, he told Comment News it was astounding the shire could claim to have amended the feasibility report map when nobody had spoken to the affected residents and asked their official position.

On March 19, the shire issued a media release promoting its moves to rezone about 470 hectares to create 880 properties under the Metropolitan Region Scheme.

The site is bordered by Mundijong Road, Tonkin Highway Road Reserve, Bishop Road and Kargotich Road.

The feasibility study was endorsed last year and attracted over $150,000 in grant funding from the State Government’s Peel Development Commission, Departments of Agriculture and Food and Planning.