RSPCA encourages pet adoption ahead of Million Paws Walk

Michelle Mann with her dogs Radar and Lilly Pilly. Picture: Jon Hewson           d468660
Michelle Mann with her dogs Radar and Lilly Pilly. Picture: Jon Hewson         d468660

AHEAD of its flagship Million Paws Walk event, the RSPCA has encouraged |people to adopt pets from animal shelters.

The RSPCA’s biggest fundraising event is at Sir James Mitchell Park in South Perth on Sunday May 21.

RSPCA WA executive manager of community engagement Maree Daniels said more people should seek to adopt animals.

“We encourage anyone who is thinking of welcoming a dog into their family to ‘adopt, don’t shop’, so these dogs can have a second chance and experience life as it should be.”

She said adopting an animal was an incredibly rewarding experience.

“You’re able to give them a second chance at life and give them the love and security that they have perhaps never experienced,” she said. “Despite what they’ve been through in life, they are still so loving and trusting of humans.

“It’s very special.

Mundijong resident Michelle Mann has reaped the rewards of pet adoption, having rescued her dogs Radar and Lilly Pilly from animal shelters.

Ms Mann said it was heart-breaking to see animals in shelters and it made the idea of adoption much more fulfilling.

“There are so many dogs bred and sold, and people can’t control them so they end up in the pound and having to be euthanased; it’s just irresponsible,” she said. “Instead of buying and supporting puppy farms and backyard breeders, it is much better to rescue a dog.

“A lot of them come from a past with problems, they definitely know you’ve rescued them, it’s very satisfying to see them come from a bad situation and know you’re giving them a home.”

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