Serpentine Polo Club holding fun day for women in bid for new members

L to R - Kate Kiely with
L to R - Kate Kiely with "Drift", Julie Bolingbroke with "Pumpkin", Kathryn McNee & Olivia Bolingbroke 14 with "Pie" Picture: Jon Hewson d478350

IT is one of the oldest sports in the world, but few can say they’ve had the chance to play a game of polo.

The Serpentine Polo Club is looking to change that with the help of a $5000 State Government grant recently awarded to the WA Polo Association.

With their share of the grant, the local club is looking to bolster their 25-member club, and are especially looking to grow their female program.

Serpentine Polo Club’s Julie Bolingbroke said they wanted to encourage more women to give the family-friendly, affordable sport a chance.

“The women’s polo sub-committee of the WA Polo Association have come up with some events to try and get people to try polo and realise it is so much fun and accessible for people to play,” she said.

“It is pretty common that once you have a go at polo there is no turning back and you are hooked because it is fast, fun and skilful.

“Combining a passion for horses with contact sport, why wouldn’t you give it a go and we want to see riders from all walks of life come and have a hit.”

Those interested in trying the sport are invited to join the Serpentine Polo Club’s Ladies Polo Fun Day on January 20, or watch and enjoy the women and men’s Polo Club event on January 27 and 28.

A polo school is also held out of the club where you can join in lessons and hire beginner level horses.

Visit for more information.

The Serpentine Polo Club is on Parry Road, Serpentine.

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