Seville Grove cafe among growing trend of those going green and offering discount

Seville Grove cafe among growing trend of those going green and offering discount

A SEVILLE Grove cafe is leading the way in living greener.

Wonderlust Cafe on Champion Drive offers a 50c discount for customers bringing their own reusable cup for their daily cup of caffeine.

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Owners Temira and Trish Royale have a keen focus on helping the environment and reducing the amount of single use coffee cups ending up in landfill.

“We’re all about sustainability and educating the general public about saving the environment,” Ms Royale said.

“When you talk to people about it, we’ve got a few brochures up and they’re like ‘it’s not recyclable?’.”

The cafe sells its own reusable cups to encourage customers to get on board and Ms Royale said they were happy to wash a cup for a customer if it had been hanging around in the car.

“We decided to not make a profit and make the cups easily accessible. We bought them for $2 and sell them for $2. It’s about educating people that a lot of the bio cups actually just go to landfill and it’s easier to get a reusable cup and receive a discount. It still goes towards your loyalty card and you still get a free coffee at the end of it,” Ms Royale said.

The cafe owner encouraged other outlets to join in the environmental action, with talk of the BYO cup scheme spreading.

“We have to reduce our carbon footprint everywhere,” she said.

“People are talking about it and telling their friends; it’s helping everybody.”

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