Shire president “terribly disappointed” with merger decision

He said local government heads were all in shock after last week’s ‘poorly handled’ briefing.

‘We love our rural ambience and we don’t want to be part of the City of Armadale,’ he said.

‘Tony Simpson has broken his election promise ” he said clearly on several occasions this would not be forced.

‘I took the Minister at his word and it seems he had no intent of fulfilling his promises.

‘They have made it clear that if we don’t support their ultimatum they will appoint commissioners.

Cr Moore said the decision made no sense as Serpentine Jarrahdale’s population would eventually reach a quarter of a million.

He was worried strategic plans, particularly the Whitby area’s sporting plan, would be at risk.

Local Government Minister Tony Simpson said local residents would keep their identity.

‘Locals will say they live in Byford, not in the renamed council area,’ he said.

‘It’s time to show leadership and be decisive. When making these decisions, we considered a raft of input.’

The Minister said rates had been going up in Serpentine Jarrahdale, and it would be stronger and better able to cope with its growth rate when joined with Armadale.

‘We’ve come out with our preferred model ‘