Southern River to host innaugural Running of the Bulldogs

(L-R) Rachel Wright &
(L-R) Rachel Wright & "Bentley", Vonnie Porter & "Spud", Marynka Pino & "Teady Bear", John Becker & "Mack" & Amanda Becker & "Dozer" will all be taking part in this weekend's Running of the Bulldogs. Photo: Jon Hewson. p483608g.

BULLDOGS of all different shapes and sizes descended on Southern River last weekend for WA’s inaugural Running of the Bulldogs.

The German Shepherd Club of WA hosted the state’s first organised bulldog races on Sunday.

The event, inspired by a similar one in America, was organised by the administrators of the Bulldogs WA Facebook page.

Organiser Rebecca Allnatt said the event started almost accidentally and they were surprised how much interest people had.

“I found a video of bulldogs racing overseas somewhere and posted it to our Facebook page and made the joke to another admin on the page we should do this for our next Bulldog Bash event,” she said.

“The response we got for us begging to do it was out of control so we thought ‘why not?’.”

Ms Allnatt said they enjoyed a decent-sized crowd of both people and pooches on the day.

“We put a call out for interest before we actually put it together and had a goal to try get at least 50 dogs,” she said.

“I ended up getting 86 bulldogs registered to race with us on the day, which was more than we thought we would get.”