Speaking for herself

The former Cannington Community Education Support Centre student has just completed her Communication Achievement Award for completing 10 speeches as part of the Gosnells Foothills Toastmasters Club.

Ms Dewar, who has autism and an intellectual disability, is making a profession out of public speaking, including speaking at the Australasian Society for Intellectual Disability in 2014, which she described as her “biggest gig to date”.

The 21-year-old also works with the Disability Services Commission, speaking at multiple events.

Although she enjoys public speaking, she has not made a full-time profession out of it yet and works at Crown Casino, and as an usher at Subiaco Oval and Perth Arena.

Ms Dewar said speaking was a great way to give a voice to people with disabilities.

“I get to represent a whole community and it feels like such an honour to say I can do this,” he said. “It isn’t a visible disability as there is a lot of stigma out there.

“I want to try and get rid of that stigma; just because someone doesn’t have qualifications and a driver’s licence doesn’t mean they can’t achieve their personal goals.”